Unique Public Speaking School Holiday Camps for Kids In Years 4, 5 and 6
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Camp Schedule

What do ChatterCampers do all day?

We pack their schedule full of fun activities and public speaking games. All the public speaking sessions are fully interactive, so that the kids don't feel they're in a classroom. In most cases, they won't even realise that they're being taught something!

Every year we choose a new theme for the kids to focus on throughout their speeches. This year's theme is AIM HIGH!

Day One

Welcome and introduction, meet the crew and your mates
Why do we get nervous? How can we control it?
Strut Your Stuff! Overcoming nerves by pretending you're not nervous!
Morning tea (very important...)
Impromptu speaking: We get the kids to stand up and tell us their ideas on a range of different topics
Top Ten Tips of Public Speaking
Giving and receiving feedback
How to win a debate
Sample debate by the trainers
Afternoon tea
Outdoor activity: vertical ropes or wilderness challenge
Debate preparation
Stretching your comfort zones
Call my bluff - quick thinking speaking games
Music trivia and disco

Day Two

Heads up game
Standing tall. Stance and confidence
AIM HIGH! Speech structure and writing. How to write a speech in 10 minutes
AIM HIGH! Speech preparation
AIM HIGH! Speech delivery and feedback
Morning tea
Speaking games and activities
Outdoor activity: archery
Outdoor activity: canoeing
Afternoon tea
The great debate! Final preparation
The great debate!
Evening skits preparation
Games and skits

Day Three

Heads up game
Top Ten Tips Revision
Impromptu speaking: dinnertime conversation. How to deal with boring adults
Morning tea (still very important!)
Outdoor activity: vertical ropes or wilderness challenge
Showcase preparation
Showcase practice
Showcase! Parents and friends are invited to come along and see how much the ChatterCampers have learned and developed over the past three days. All ChatterCampers are encouraged and assisted to stand up and deliver a presentation
Home time. See you all again next year!